Super Email Harvester

Super Email Harvester 9.06

Super Email Harvester is powerful bulk email program

Super Email Harvester is relatively established software, quite popular among email marketers, email list builders and SEO professionals. The primary attraction of this software is that it does not require proxies in order to work. The application directly contacts the mail servers and disconnects as soon as it gets a confirmation of an existing email id. This enables it to operate under the radar of SMTP port tracking systems employed by mail servers.

Super harvester supports multiple email servers and multiple connections (up to 256), which makes it a highly effective tool. Additional features like automatic reconnecting and its user-friendly interface also increase the value of this tool. The application also can send bulk emails to all harvested IDs or loaded IDs. The complete set of features and benefits is only available in the paid version of this shareware program, and the free version only searches for IDs. Harvested email IDs can be saved in .txt, .csv or .xls formats in the paid version. Users who are looking to utilize harvested email IDs cannot benefit from downloading the free version, they have to purchase the licensed version.

Arun Kumar
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  • Compatible with multiple email servers
  • Multiple connections
  • Fast and safe (no proxies required)
  • Bulk email sender


  • The free version is virtually useless as it does not support anything except email search
  • Too costly
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